• Lowell PD launches investigation into arrest; 3 officers on paid leave

    By: Ted Daniel


    LOWELL, Mass. - Three officers were placed on paid leave as an investigation was launched by the Lowell Police Department specific to the arrest of a man allegedly found with fentanyl.

    Boston 25 News learned some criminal drug cases may be in jeopardy due to allegations of untruthfulness by several Lowell PD officers.

    On Thursday, Boston 25 News sent an email to the office of the Middlesex County district attorney inquiring specifically about the case in question. We were told more information was being gathered. Then, on Friday, Boston 25 News learned that the LPD had launched an investigation.

    The probe stems from a case that's being tried out of U.S. District Court in Concord, New Hampshire, involving a Lowell man named Paul Aaron. Aaron was arrested last winter, allegedly with guns, body armor, cash and fentanyl. This new investigation is centered around how that arrest transpired.

    Officers from Lowell Police and a New Hampshire trooper gave one version of events, but surveillance video obtained by Aaron's defense attorney seems to show a different story.

    The LPD started a board of inquiry, and while that's active, none of the officers involved are permitted to testify in any cases.

    The DA's office tells Boston 25 News some other criminal cases have been dismissed because of the Aaron case.

    Boston 25 News inquires to New Hampshire State Police regarding the trooper involved went unanswered.

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