Two quick-thinking Andover teens help save neighbor’s house from fire

ANDOVER, Mass. — Fran and Pat O’Neil live in an old house on Summer Street in Andover. They are forever grateful to two young hockey-playing brothers who saved the day on Saturday during the height of the nor’easter.

“They saved us, they save the house really,” said Fran O’Neil from Andover.

“The boys are heroes. They saved our house,” said his wife, Pat O’Neil.

Graham Dalton, 17, and his brother, Ian Dalton, 14, were driving by.

“We were going to shovel out our moms. And there was a fire in the attic just across the street,” said Graham Dalton from Andover.

The brothers spotted flames in the attic window.

“The fire went through the window in the front. It just completely blew it open, and flames were coming out,” said Ian Dalton.

Graham sent Ian to knock while he called 911.

“We were sitting playing Scrabble, and all of a sudden we had a ring at the front door, and there was a young boy there, and he said you’ve got a fire,” said Fran O’Neil.

Fran ran up to the attic, and Ian followed. The smoke was already thick.

“Went up there and couldn’t see it then I had my phone in front of me as a flashlight he just couldn’t see the flashlight at all,” said Ian.

Fran threw a bucket of water on the flames, worried they’d lose their home.

“They saved our house. We love our house. And they saved our house. It’s been since 1889, so we would hate to see it go,” said Pat O’Neil.

The O’Neil’s say the Dalton brothers are heroes, but the boys say it was instinctive to help.

“More of right place right time. It’s not something you’re ready for you, gotta go,” said Graham.

“It’s a nice feeling knowing you can make an impact on somebody’s life,” said Ian.

The O’Neil’s say the fact these young men cared more about others than themselves speaks volumes — adding their parents raised them right.

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