Two foxes maimed after being caught in illegal traps near Lexington/Arlington border

LEXINGTON — Illegal traps placed near the Lexington/ Arlington border severely maimed two foxes this weekend.

Lexington police are searching for whoever set the two illegal traps.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue says one fox had to have its leg amputated. Despite losing the limb, the center says the fox is adjusting well.

“I was blown away by how well he is already moving around. He has quickly, and seemingly effortlessly, found a way to balance himself. I read that long tails are very helpful as a counter balance for three legged animals. Maybe a fox’s tail makes the transition that much easier,” the rescue center wrote on Facebook. “He didn’t appear sad. He didn’t even look tired. He was wide awake and clearly on a mission. He didn’t seem to even notice the missing leg. He paced the room and sniffed around. Turns out he was very hungry.”

The injured fox was captured when it was corralled in Katja Baker’s backyard.

“By then the cops and my niece and everybody was running after him. He was trapped in the back there, so we put up the BBQ and all the chairs,” said Katja Baker, homeowner. “It’s cruel. How does anybody do that? There are other ways to trap animals you just don’t put a trap.”

Another fox removed its own foot to free itself from a trap.

Police do now know who put out the traps or exactly where they were placed. Nearby are the nature areas of Arlington Meadows and Sutherland Woods.

“If you get too close, they scoot away,” said Robert Morse who lives next to Sutherland Woods. Robert Morse sees coyotes and foxes. He shared photos he took this year of the animals at his house. He was appalled to hear about the traps. “That’s pretty disgusting actually,” said Morse.

Evelyn Alexandre lives across the street. “That is kind of disturbing. People shouldn’t be putting traps out. We do need figure out some way of mediating the situation, obviously we do encroach on a lot of the wildlife’s area.”

Police think one person put out the traps, as the foxes were spotted in the same area.

Katja Baker is glad so many people came together to help the inured animal.

“What was really inspiring to me was how the community got together. Everybody was like ok we got to do something,” said Baker.

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