Two days ahead of Lee, Cape Cod prepares for storm’s impact

Two days before Lee hits Cape Cod, Chris Anderson is taking his boat out of the water.

Earlier this week, he caught a 600-pound tuna.

At mid-day, with Lee on the way, Anderson told Boston 25 News, he could already feel Lee’s presence on the open water.

“Two-to-four-foot waves, the wind is definitely picking up in the last hour or two, a lot of boats just pulled out of the fishing fleet. So we’re going to head home, get the boat wrapped up and ready for the storm,” Chris Anderson told me.

Two and a half miles away, on Salt Marsh Road in Sandwich, the owner’s beachfront homes are on alert.

Flooding from the salt marsh across the street, and from the surf of Cape Cod Bay are a real concern.

“The winds and the water, we fear will do a lot of damage. They’ll take more dune and leave us bare,” Leah Sawyer told me.

Their cottage has been in the Sawyer family for decades. They’ve seen a lot of storms, and they are taking no chances with Lee.

“When the winds come from the north like that, that’s when they pile up our water and it’s a threat,” said Ken Fulton.

At the Sandwich Marina, Harbormaster Mick Dunning is working the docks, securing smaller boats that will ride out the storm here.

“Most of the boat owners, I’m friends with, I know them, so I have permission,” Dunning said. “We hop on the boats, go through the lockers steal all the lines, do the best we can to make sure everything is safe.”

Soon enough Lee will be here.

Whether it’s a hurricane, tropical storm, or strong nor-easter, Mick Dunning says he’s prepared.

“Do you feel like you are ready for this?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re about as best we can,” Dunning said.

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