South Boston man says inside of car “absolutely destroyed” over parking space

BOSTON — Jay Hassey knows his South Boston neighbors are protective over parking spaces after a snowstorm, but he never imagined someone would trash his Jeep Wrangler like they did last week.

“People are out of their minds,” Hassey said, shaking his head in disgust. “People around here think they can do whatever they want.”

Hassey believes his Jeep was targeted Friday by a disgruntled neighbor because he parked in a space on W. 4TH St. that was shoveled out by someone earlier in the day. Saturday morning, Hassey discovered somebody had shoveled snow into his Jeep and vomited all over the interior.

“It was absolutely destroyed, the inside…they just puked everywhere,” Hassey said.

Hassey said there was no space saver or anything else to indicate the spot was reserved. Ironically, Hassey said he shoveled out his own parking spot Friday, but it was taken after he left his home Friday afternoon. When he came back later in the day, he said he parked in another spot about a hundred yards away from his D Street condominium.

“It’s just a terrible thing to do. Even if I did steal a space saver, which again, I did not steal a space saver, but even if I did, how is that the proper reaction?” Hassey said.

Hassey filed a police report. A Boston Police Dept. spokesperson said the incident is under investigation. Hassey’s neighbors agree: what happened Friday is extreme and uncalled for.

“I’m surprised by the aggressive nature of that, that’s disgusting,” Lauren Culliton said.

“A simple human shouldn’t do that to someone else. That’s just rude and inconsiderate,” Devin Blunck said.

Hassey said his Wrangler has a soft top, so it’s easy for people to get in and out. It will cost him $850 to get the Jeep cleaned out and detailed, and the experience has soured him on living in Boston.

“I went to an open house on Saturday and I’m getting the heck out of the city,” Hassey said.

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