Runner’s voice concern about BAA response to Black spectators alleged targeting in Newton

BOSTON — The running community is speaking out Thursday night and many runners posting online how they’re frustrated by the Boston Athletic Association’s response to accusations that Black spectators were targeted in their cheer zone at mile 21 in Newton.

“We cheering too loud? We supporting our friends too much,” said Mike Remy in a YouTube post on Monday. He is a member of Pioneer Run Crew and was cheering on runners as they climbed Heartbreak Hill.

He was upset that Newton Police lined up their bikes along the route as he and friends cheered runners from their club.

“And it just so happens that our brand of celebrating cheering and enthusiasm is different from a golf clap,” said Remy.

The BAA met with runners from Pioneer Run Crew and TrailblazHers last night releasing a statement that says in part:

“They expressed to us their deep concerns that they were not given the chance to enjoy the day and celebrate their friends, families and all participants as they approached Heartbreak Hill – “that is on us.”

A physicians running group called Mamadocspowr also posted on social media that they’re unhappy with the BAA’s response.

“The BAA should be capable of reviewing and revising its protocols to examine why they communicated to Newton PD that this zone was to be overpoliced, and how they can avoid doing it again,” Mamadocspowr told Boston 25 News.

As for Remy, he’s glad the BAA met with his running club and hopeful he’ll see change.

“So, there has to be a balance there has to be a further conversation to unpack everything and find a better way forward,” said Remy.

For their part, the Newton Police maintain they were respectful in their response.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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