Patriots, Brady prepare for wild-card game against Titans

Patriots, Brady prepare for wild-card game against Titans

FOXBORO, Mass. — The Patriots are preparing for Saturday night’s AFC wild-card game against the Tennessee Titans, their first wild-card game in a decade.

In addition to wondering how the game will go, Pats fans are wondering if this may be the end of the New England Dynasty.

There’s a ton at stake in tonight’s game, win or lose. But if the season ends, are we saying goodbye to Tom Brady and Devin McCourty, as both of their contracts are up and they’ll be unrestricted free agents.

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“I haven’t thought about those things and I wouldn’t be thinking about those things anyway,” said Brady, who is playing in his 41st playoff game tonight. “It’s felt like a normal week for me, so I just approach practice like I always have and try to do the best I can do.”

McCourty, 32, has been through free agency before, and last time, he came very close to signing with the Giants before re-signing as a Patriot.

“The older you get, you get to playing in the playoffs, you don’t really know how much longer, you don’t know next year is it gonna be the same? Is your team gonna make it?" McCourty said. "So you want to take advantage of all these opportunities ... I think Tom exhibits that every time he comes out here on the field.”

Some fans already at Gillette Stadium for Saturday night’s game told Boston 25 News reporter Litsa Pappas that, if this is Brady’s last home game of his career, they’re glad they’ll be there to witness it. Most however said they didn’t think it will be the end of the line for the quarterback.

“I don’t think anyone knows but Tom Brady,” said Bill Bamford, a Patriots fan. “I think he’ll be back next year myself, that’s my personal opinion.”

A group of Titans fans already at Gillette Stadium for Saturday’s contest said they are hoping that Brady’s last game will come today against the Tennesse squad.

“There’s nothing wrong that all good things come to an end,” said Sal Manfredi, a Titans fan. “If we have the honor of being the last team to beat Tom Brady [and] the Patriots, it would be a true honor. But I’m just looking for a win.”

Kickoff is set for 8:15 p.m. The Pats are 4.5-point favorites.