Newly released court files reveal more information about Ana Walshe murder investigation

BOSTON — As the Brian Walshe murder case works its way through Norfolk Superior Court, newly released court documents provide new insight into the case.

Boston 25 Reporter Bob Ward shows Boston attorney Peter Elikann the stacks of files released from Quincy District Court, much of them the returns of search warrants.

“These are the files!” Ward said to Elikann

“I think in my career, I’ve never seen such a thick thing,” Elikann said as he saw the large stack of documents.

Brian Walsh is accused of killing his wife in their Cohasset home early on New Year’s Day, dismembering her body, and disposing of critical evidence north and south of Boston.

At the heart of the case, is a series of chilling internet searches.

Ana Walshe’s body has never been found.

Prosecutors say at the time of Ana’s disappearance, she was in a relationship with another man and preparing to take the couple’s children and start a new life in Washington DC.

The new files reveal that Mass State Police talked to that other man.

The email says: “…He was in a dating relationship with Ana Walshe and had been for several months. The relationship became more serious over the past few months and they had spent Thanksgiving together in Dublin and spent Christmas Eve together also.”

Peter Elikann says the revelation is a critical development.

“Now that evidence is coming out about a troubled marriage some may jump to the conclusion that maybe he was thinking in advance of somehow this would be the route to get out of this marriage and end this marriage,” Elikann said.

But the files also show that early on January 7th, Cohasset Police received this mysterious email from someone named Richard Walker 9984:

“We have the so-named Ana Walshe with us here…we had a deal worth $127,000..she messed up..we have her here with us and if she doesn’t pay the money…then she’ll never be back, and we know that the Police and the FBI are involved..good luck finding us.”

It’s an email that could be important to Walshe’s defense.

“That email could potentially be used by the defense. Again, raising the question, of well, we don’t have a body, so how do we know? She could very well still be alive,” Elikann said.

Investigators consider that email suspicious because it did not contain a timeline or a way to respond.

As for Brian Walshe, he is not due back in court until the end of August.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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