New study says Lynn has some of the safest drivers in America, but locals say, ‘Not so fast!’

LYNN, Mass. — A new study puts Lynn at the top of a list of safe drivers nationwide.

But saying Lynn and safe drivers in the same sentence got a surprise reaction from local drivers.

“Well as far as this particular study goes, it’s news to me,” said Blake Rickerson who is from Lynn.

“I think they need to re-check that,” Asa Moye who is also from Lynn.

A woman we talked to just laughed out loud! “No, no, it’s a joke,” said Joeashley Amadis who lives and works in Lynn.

A new study by consumer affairs puts Lynn in sixth place for safe drivers in the U.S. However, long time residents don’t seem to believe it.

“Not with the young drivers and their licenses, reckless driving, and alcohol. No definitely not,” said Amadis.

To rate Lynn and other cities and towns Consumer Affairs looked at:

  • Number of fatal crashes
  • Number of fatalities caused by bad driving
  • Number of fatalities due to DUI
  • And the prevalence of speeding in fatal accidents

Based on those numbers Lynn was at  #6 in the country for safest drivers.

Some state data flies in the face of that study. According to MassDOT Lynn has eight of the two hundred intersections in the state with the most crashes.

That stat made more sense to drivers here.

“A lot of people don’t pay attention to the signs and are too busy texting,” said Moye.

“There tends to be a lot of congested traffic and it doesn’t help if you don’t have patience,” said Rickerson.

As for Consumer Affairs, people in Lynn have some advice for them.

“I don’t know who came up with this study but they need to go back and do it again,” said Adamis.

In fact, there are safety improvement projects underway at 2 major intersections of Broadway and Jenness Street, and Broadway and Euclid Avenue because between 2018 and 2023 an average of 24 accidents happened just up the road every year.

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