Missing Boston hiker found dead while climbing one of the world’s highest mountains in Pakistan

BOSTON — Nearly everywhere Dr. Alex Goldfarb went, he left a lasting impression and everyone loved him. In Boston area hospitals, he spent some of his last days treating some of the sickest COVID-19 patients, risking his own life.

At 56, Dr. Goldfarb was a critical care physician, and U.S. climber who travelled around the world climbing some of the most challenging peaks.

“My Dad saw, counter intuitively he saw going to high altitudes in cold places as the purest form of vacation,” said Levi Goldfarb, Goldfarb’s son.

The day after Christmas, Levi Goldfarb says his dad and friend went to Pakistan to climb the world’s 12th highest mountain.

Goldfarb’s friend stayed back thinking the terrain was too dangerous.

“When they were doing this hike, his partner repeatedly told him, that it was very dangerous,” said Goldfarb.

Goldfarb took the challenge head on.

“I got a text base camp, the mountain that he was at. saying that he was supposed to return and he hadn’t,” said Goldfarb.

Sadly, on Saturday, he was reported missing. And, after an intense search by air and land, he was found dead.

“Unfortunately by the time we got his location, the helicopters were able to capture his location on camera, he was already deceased,” said Goldfarb.

Goldfarb immigrated here from Russia. He was a healthcare hero who treated hundreds of COVID patients in the Boston area, and even risked his own life and spent weeks at Elmhurst hospital in Queens, New York. It was a place that was the epicenter of the virus.

“Throughout his whole life, whenever he faced a challenge, he would work hard at it, sleep less, and do what he had to do get it done,” said Goldfarb.

Now Goldfarb’s two sons will carry on with their Dad’s legacy.

“If you have a goal, do it. Once you’ve accomplished what you’ve wanted to reach, only then can you come to peace,” said Ben Goldfarb, his son.

The family is working on getting Dr. Goldfarb’s body back to the Boston area from Pakistan. The family has set up a GoFundMe account, hoping it will help pay for the international costs. He was two weeks shy of his 57th birthday.

The sons told me their Dad was so infectious, he instilled the value of hard work, and to never give up.

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