Local nonprofit expanding to help all young adults who have lost a parent

Cara Belvin lost her mom when she was 9 years old and when that happened, she became committed to finding others who could understand her loss. In 2013, Cara formed a nonprofit called Empower Her. “I wanted something like this that would bring me together with other girls like me. I was desperate for it”, said Belvin.

For more than a decade now, Empower Her has been a beacon of light for young woman all over the world who have lost their mothers. But after focusing solely on young women, Empower Her has a new mission — to empower, support, and connect all children and young adults who have experienced the loss of a parent.

“It was hard to sleep at night, knowing that we were excluding a part of the population, mainly children who had lost a father”, said Cara. So now, Empower Her is expanding to include young men and they are changing their name to “Empower”.

Empower provides events and companionship with a one-on-one mentorship program focused on showing young children and young adults that loss is survivable.  They are led by a small staff and by a mighty team of volunteers and donors. And you can help.

They are looking for mentors who are 25+ years old and who have experienced parent loss at any age. And the children who enroll can be up through age 24 and have lost their mother or father!

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