Iconic dessert that originated in Boston dubbed ‘gateway food to obesity’

BOSTON — An iconic dessert that originated in Boston has been named and shamed as a “gateway food to obesity,” according to a new study.

Researchers at Drug Genius surveyed 3,000 Bay Staters and found 13 percent of them admitted that eating just one slice of Boston cream pie acts as a trigger which leads them onto a spell of unhealthy eating.

So why is eating an innocent dessert so likely to make us want to break our good habits? It has been well established that sugar acts basically like a drug, according to researchers. It fuels every brain cell, making it alert. The brain also sees sugar as a reward.

“It’s no wonder many can’t resist the sweet taste of our favorite dessert,” Stacie Detmer of Drug Genious said, “But we need to learn how to try. It’s a slippery slope from eating just one candy bar a week to having one every day, and it’s been proven that sugary foods can contribute to obesity. Counterbalancing sugar in our diet with exercise and an otherwise healthy, sensible eating regimen is at least a start.”

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