‘How does that even happen?’: Car flies into and through landscape trailer in Lynnfield

LYNNFIELD, Mass — On Friday morning, a landscape crew’s truck and trailer were parked on Essex Street while crews cleaned up a yard across the street. Then suddenly a car came flying up the street.

“How does that even happen you know,” said Brooke Hallinan who lives on Essex Street and whose husband owns the Delrossi Landscape.

Initially, she didn’t realize what she was looking at.

“I just saw the trailer and the truck out there but I didn’t see anything else at first,” said Hallinan.

After taking a closer look she noticed the front end of a jeep sticking out of the front of the trailer. It drove right into and then through the trailer slamming into the back of the truck that was pulling it.

“I was like oh my God there’s a car in the trailer, through the trailer,” she said.

Hallinan says luckily the workers were busy in her yard at about 8:40 Friday morning when the jeep driven by a young woman veered right into the trailer.

“The guys were outside blowing the leaves and I heard a bang and I didn’t think anything of it at first,” Hallinan said.

She went outside and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I was taken aback. It was crazy. I think everyone was in shock. All the guys were in shock. We were all kind of just like how did this happen,” she said.

The crew jumped into action to help the young driver out.

“They did assist her out, they helped her, the guys. As far as I know she’s fine which is great,” Hallinan said.

It’s unlcear exaclty how that driver ended up inside the trailer. Hallinan says thankfully everyone is ok and she has a message to drivers on busy roads…

“Just be aware of what you’re doing. Make smart choices I mean again this a good lesson to everyone that equipment and trucks can be replaced and people can’t and especially this time of year it’s good that nothing worse happened,” said Hallinan.

Lynnfield Police are investigating.

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