The easy steps to take now to cut down on energy bills for winter

The holiday season is here - and that means winter weather is not far behind. Now more than ever, people are looking to cutdown on their energy bills.

Boston 25 wanted to know how to get your home ‘winter ready’ now before the really cold air blows in.

Eversource energy efficiency spokesperson Bill Stack walked through a Medfield home with us, to share his top energy-saving tips to lower your bills.

Step 1: Make sure vents are not blocked by furniture or curtains

“Walk around your home and make sure your vents are open. The heats going to be coming on and not being blocked from drapes or from furniture,” Stack said.

Step 2: Check those windows.

You can open shades for south facing windows to let the sunlight naturally warm the room during the day.

It also helps to make sure your windows are locked.

“One thing some people forget sometimes is to make sure you lock it. By locking it, you create a tighter seal so that heat can’t escape from the seams or down below it,” Stack said.

Step 3: Use a Programmable thermostat

“Just by getting a programable thermostat and turning it down during the day when people are out and turning it down when people are sleeping, can save up to 10% on your heating bill all winter long,” Stack added.

Step 4: Make sure your attic is properly insulated

This keeps the heat from escaping your home so you stay cozy.

Step 5: Change your air filters for your furnace

“Always want to make sure that the filters are clean so that the airflow is not being blocked in any way and that the system is working at its highest efficiency level,” Stack explained.

The higher the rating of the filter, the more particulate it will pull out. It may cost more, but it also will likely last longer.

Boston 25 visited Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Medway for some bonus tips on items to stock up on before winter.

Manager Brandon Eberle says popular products include window insulation kits, heated lines for the roof to prevent ice dams, and pipe insulation to prevent messy pipe bursts.

Outside your home, Eberle recommends spigot covers, to keep the heat in, and foam sealant for any visible gaps or openings. That will have the added bonus of keeping pests out of your home as well.

Small changes can add up to big savings on your bill according to Eversource.

And if you have an older home, they recommend asking them to come out for a free energy audit. The changes they recommend may be larger, but depending on your situation, you may qualify for rebates or even cost-free updates.

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