Charles Jaynes: ‘I murdered Jeffrey Curley’

BOSTON — Charles Jaynes, one of two men convicted for the 1997 abduction and murder of Jeffrey Curley, admitted before the Massachusetts Parole Board he killed the 10-year-old boy.

“I’m not here to ask the Board for parole, I’m here to take responsibility for my murder of Jeffrey Curley,” Jaynes declared in his very first parole hearing. “I am guilty of that murder. I murdered Jeffrey Curley.”

Jeffrey was abducted from his Cambridge neighborhood on October 1, 1997.

At his parole hearing, Jaynes admitted he and a friend, Salvatore Sicari, lured Jeffrey into their car with the promise of a bicycle.

Prosecutors say Jaynes smothered Jeffrey with a gasoline-soaked rag when Jeffrey fought Jaynes’ sexual advances. But at his parole hearing, Jaynes said he murdered Jeffrey to impress Sicari who, according to Jaynes, said wanted Jeffrey killed.

Jaynes said he was sexually attracted to Jeffrey, but he considered the boy was still too young.

In his parole board appearance, Jaynes said after Jeffrey died, he and Sicari transported the child’s body to Jayne’s Manchester, NH apartment in a Rubbermaid container.

And there, Jaynes said, Sicari defiled the boy’s body.

The next day, Jaynes said he and Sicari threw the Rubbermaid container into a river in Maine.

Jeffrey’s mother, father and one of his brothers all appeared at the parole board hearing, fighting against Jaynes’ release.

Jaynes told the parole board he made the admission of guilt for the benefit of the Curley family and the people of Massachusetts, and that he does not expect to be released from prison after serving less than 22 years.

Jeffrey’s family was not impressed with Jaynes’ testimony.

“To give him the thrill and the excitement to come out of his cell, to go through this to get the publicity that he’s getting, to me is just nonsense,” Shaun Curley, Jeffrey’s brother said. “He should be in jail until the day he dies.”

“He’s the face of the devil, pure and evil as they come, Charles Jaynes.,” said Robert Curley, Jeffrey’s father.

It could be weeks, if not months, before the Massachusetts Parole Board issues a decision on Charles Jaynes’s case.