Biracial business owner offering free meditation services to police

ROWLEY, Mass. — A biracial business owner is making a generous peace offering to police in two North Shore communities.

Meah Starr Kadziela, owner of MajaEden Wellness in the village of Magnolia in Gloucester, said she felt inspired to proactively reach out to law enforcement during these tense times.

Kadziela, who lives in the town of Rowley, decided to visit her local police department to offer free meditation services.

She describes overcoming her own apprehension to walk through the front doors of the police station.

“I was very nervous going in. My experiences have been cautionary when I deal with law enforcement,” said Meah Starr Kadziela. “I’m biracial, but I’ve been taught by my parents to stay out of the way of law enforcement.”

Kadziela told Boston 25 News Reporter Drew Karedes that she never imagined how powerful the experience would be for her.

“It was a positive experience that I did not expect, but I hoped for,” explained Kadziela. “I went with all of my experience walking through those doors with fear, and I left with hope.”

Rowley Police Chief Scott Dumas said Kadziela’s spur of the moment visit made an immediate impact during a time of “negativity toward officers” nationwide.

“There are not a lot of people of color within the town of Rowley,” said Chief Scott Dumas. “The message she came here with to engage needs to be carried through. We’re all in this together, and we need to move forward and have real dialogue.”

Chief Dumas described his department as eager to take Kadziela up on her offer for meditation services. He said it’s just a matter of when and how it can happen safely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s stressful to have a badge on nowadays,” said Chief Dumas. “It meant the world to me and the other officers as well.”

Kadziela has also reached out to the Gloucester Police Department, where her business is located, to offer free meditation services.“What I know how to do is spread positivity and healing,” explained Kadziela. “I truly believe that the voice is loud right now, and I believe in a positive shift that is coming.”

The shift Kadziela believes is actively happening across the country is one she has waited her whole life to see.

She said living in a predominantly white suburban area has come with challenges that others haven’t always understood.

“I’ve always sort of been the token brown girl. I have been stopped plenty of times, and I have dealt with that part of looking like I do, living in the area I live in,” she added. “I feel like a change is being embraced more than it ever has been before.”

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