Attorney on Ana Walshe case: “Children need to be heard”

COHASSET, Mass. — So many people are worried about Walshe’s three young children, the oldest only 6 years old.

This week the Department of Children and Families [DCF} confirmed the children are in state custody. That could mean they are either with a family member or in a foster care setting. DCF always looks for a kinship placement first.

We don’t know exactly where the children are physically or what they’re going through emotionally, but advocates say they are likely a very part of this investigation.

“Well, there’s no doubt that when a mother is missing and the father is incarcerated, the kids are basically orphans at this point,” said attorney and victims advocate, Wendy Murphy. “And the trauma they’re going to suffer is I just can’t even imagine.”

Murphy is not directly affiliated with this case. But as an advocate, she says these three little boys, ages 2, 4, and 6 deserve to be heard as this plays outs.

“Were they witnesses to what happened that caused Ana’s disappearance? Were they witnesses to other things as well,” asked Murphy.

“Given how much time they have spent at the home investigating, what does that indicate to you about the children,” Kavanaugh asked.

“So, to the extent, law enforcement is focused on the house as the scene of some crime, there’s no doubt that children as witnesses are a big issue,” Murphy said.

Murphy says with the children in the custody of DCF, an investigator can more readily interview them, regardless of where they are physically staying. She says the separation from the parents is traumatic enough, and there is so much we still don’t know.

“Bottom line is we should not overlook the children as we are all looking into more information about this man and this woman,” Kavanaugh said.

“Children need to be heard. They are often the most vulnerable, the most victimized, the most in need of having some outside support,” Murphy said.

Kavanaugh has been corresponding with a reporter in Serbia from the website, Blic. The reporter said with Ana’s mother, in Serbia, on Wednesday and she too does not know exactly where her grandchildren are. She is very distraught and hopeful for more information soon.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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