6-year-old knew just what to do when she found her dad unconscious

ELIOT, Maine — Without hesitation, 6-year-old Macie Semrau told Boston 25 her address, the same way she told a police dispatcher when she heard her dad screaming for help in the basement.

“I remember giving her my passcode, as I was in and out of consciousness,” said Kyle Semrau. “I was having a really hard time breathing.”

With her 4-year-old brother crying in the background, she remained calm, also giving her dad’s age, and figuring out how to unlock and open the basement door for the police, who showed up within two minutes. But it was the Google search that really impressed her dad.

“I pressed this button and typed Eliot Police, and I hit call,” said Macie. “I don’t want to say this, but I thought he was going to die.”

“It’s insane,” said Kyle. “I still have it saved. If you open up my browser the way that it is spelled ‘Elliot poliz.’ When I asked her what she pushed, you see the call button, which actually goes right to the dispatcher here in town.”

Another twist – Macie’s parents made a one-time exception for the kindergartner, who they say hardly ever misses school but was missing her dad more that day.

“I really miss my daddy, so I really didn’t want to go to school,” said Macie.

Macie happens to be the great niece of our very own Mark Ockerbloom. Since saving her dad’s life, the last two weeks have been really hard emotionally for Macie. Tuesday was the first day she was able to muster enough courage to leave her dad’s side and go back to school.

“I got a little bit of tearies because I started to miss my family,” said Macie. “Then my teacher saw me crying, and I told her the whole truth.”

Part of the whole truth is the day she stayed home just happened to be on the first anniversary of the death of her greatgrandmother, causing the family to wonder if this was divine intervention.

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