Lawsuit: Ex-NH police officer says supervisor had 'rapability' scale for female drivers

NEW BOSTON, N.H. — A former New Boston police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the town alleging sexual harassment and claiming her superior officer mentioned wanting to "rape" female drivers.

The New Hampshire news outlet NH1 reports Alexandra Drake, of Nashua, filed the suit earlier this week in U.S. District Court, accusing her superior officers of intimidation and ruining her career.

According to the court filings, Drake accused her partner and training supervisor Lt. Michael Masella of saying he "wanted to just take [women] out and 'rape' them rather than issue a citation" when pulled over.

Drake claims Masella had a "rapability" scale for female drivers and would ask drake if drivers were "rapable."

According to the lawsuit, Drake complained of constant harassment, negative comments about female employees and feared the "slightest slip could make her a target of severe harassment, termination of employment or even rape."

The former officer alleges she was forced to alter a DUI report.

Drake was reportedly put under review for that report and eventually terminated in Oct. 2015 and states she has been unable to obtain another job in law enforcement.

The New Boston Police Department told NH1 it "strongly denies all accusations."

You can read the court filing here.

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