Sharon essential worker motivates co-workers by bodybuilding

SHARON, Mass. — Every day that went by during the pandemic, the essential workers at Crescent Ridge Farms didn’t have a choice but to come into work. For one man, he made it his mission to keep everyone healthy and motivated by bodybuilding.

Jamal Williams shared video of him working out, and he is a beast in the gym. He makes sure to leave the gym sweating and sore each session for a reason.

Behind this workout machine is a 47-year-old essential worker who has been out there every day of the pandemic delivering essential food items for Crescent Ridge Farms in Sharon along with his coworkers.

“We felt the pressure, we’re coming to work while people are home. A lot of us have families and wanted to be home with them too,” Williams said.

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And every morning at work, the men and women get up and make their deliveries.

“There is only a few of us in Massachusetts that do this,” said Chris Alden of Crescent Ridge Farms.

For many of the delivery drivers, they’re out at 5 a.m. making their milk, eggs and cheese deliveries. Williams said the conversations by the drivers during the pandemic were about how they could get through it.

“It was hard, you work these guys every day. We went from laughing and joking to everybody serious,” Williams said.

Williams couldn’t stand the thought of his co-workers struggling.

“Taking that energy and turning it into a positive and just figure out what to do,” Williams said. “Feeling down about things you can’t control, when you should worry about what you can control.”

He decided to be the motivator by lifting heavy and hoping his co-workers would follow.

“The guys were like, ‘that hurts, I don’t want to do it,’ until we started doing it and started seeing results. You stop thinking about the pandemic,” Williams said.

He even made up shirts saying “get fit, stay fit.” Williams admits he couldn’t do it on his own, saying his girlfriend is the one who keeps him on his toes.

“I tell her what I need to eat,” Williams said.

And she makes sure he’s eating the right foods.

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“She puts 4-5 meals for me; when I get up in the morning, she leaves it on the counter,” Williams said.

Williams checks in with the other drivers daily, making sure they’re eating the right foods and staying motivated. Williams’ message: don’t spend your life thinking about the negative. Take that energy and turn it around.

If you want to follow Jamal Williams’ workout motivations, click here.

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