Popular downtown restaurant Stoddard’s survived historic 1872 fire, but lost the battle to pandemic

Popular downtown restaurant Stoddard’s survived historic 1872 fire, but lost the battle to pandemic

BOSTON — It may be hard to believe, but a popular, decades-old downtown Boston restaurant Stoddard’s closed their doors after so many years.

The owner tells Boston 25 they did everything in their power to survive, but the pandemic shattered their dreams, a story that is being told by so many Boston store owners.

“I’m heartbroken, I love this place. It’s like one of my babies,” said Frankie Stavrianopoulos, one of the owners of Stoddard’s on Temple Place in downtown Boston.

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Last week, they made the heartbreaking decision to shut down.

“We had to weigh the financials. When you have to decide can you carry payroll, the bills,” said Stavrianopoulos.

Like many Boston-area restaurants, there isn’t enough outdoor space and clientele to keep the restaurant afloat.

“A lot of our business is based on the theatre, and the locals, and they just aren’t here yet,” said Stavrianopoulos.

With the rent prices skyrocketing, and with no business, there was no way they could stay open.

“If the landlord doesn’t have any reprieve on his mortgage, it trickles down to us. we have to pay that mortgage. Tough nut to swallow,” said Stavrianopoulos.

What hurts more is to think of how long ago this place was built and what it’s withstood throughout the years.

This specific location survived the historic Great Boston Fire in 1872.

“When we unearthed this building, we found artifacts, tooth brushes from the 1800′s. This place was built to withstand the test of time, be here forever. We thought it was going to be here forever,” said Stavrianopoulos.

The best advice Stavrianopoulos has for others that are going through this that you have learn to pivot and adjust to the curveballs the world throws at you. He says we will get through this as long as we continue to support our local businesses.

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