Gov. Baker announces Gillette Stadium as COVID-19 vaccination site

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Mass vaccination sites are among new CDC guidelines. The first facility in Massachusetts to be used for large scale vaccinations will be Gillette Stadium. The location is going to be able to handle about 5,000 people per day.

Gillette Stadium released a statement saying, in part, they know how to handle large crowds and they are honored to be helping the state expedite vaccinations.

Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker made the announcement after touring the Worcester Senior Center, one of 119 locations that opened this week to vaccinate first responders. The governor said these large venues will be used in other phases of the vaccine distribution including to the general public.

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The general public is eligible for the vaccine in Phase 3, which is scheduled for April at the earliest.

“We don’t have 20-30 days of visibility into what a distribution plan looks like, so it’s very hard for us to make predictions about where we are going to be a month from now,” Gov. Baker said.

The governor believes, with better projects on vaccine manufacturing, the feds seem like they will give more precise timelines for distribution.

“Once the flywheel starts rolling here and we get the rest of the mass vaccination sites up, we will move as quickly as the distribution plan moves,” Gov. Baker said.