• Gillette ad features transgender teen's first shave for Pride Month


    BOSTON - It was back in January during the Super Bowl that Gillette aired an ad calling out toxic masculinity and redefining the company's motto "the best a man can get."  

    Now, a new ad from Gillette features a transgender teen getting advice from his father on how to shave. 

    The Boston-based company's ad features Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, a young Canadian, who says growing up he was always trying to figure out what kind of man he wanted to become.

    The ad’s tagline is “whenever, wherever, however it happens — your first shave is special.” In it, the teen receives encouragement and advice from his father.

    Samson Brown says the ad isn't just about himself transitioning, but it's everyone around him transitioning.

    Regardless of the details, many are celebrating the ad as a meaningful gesture of inclusiveness to kick off pride celebrations of the LGBTQ community in June.

    In its Super Bowl ad earlier this year, Gillette used the tagline "the best men can be" and addressed issues including the "me too" movement.

    In a Facebook post about the recent ad, Samson Brown reveals that he wanted his father involved since he’s supported him “throughout [his] Transition.”

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