• Franklin man thankful e-cigarette explosion didn't cause injuries


    FRANKLIN, Mass. - A local man is thankful to have escaped without serious injuries after his e-cigarette exploded and set his bed on fire.

    Ryan told FOX25 he had recently spent more than $100 to buy the vape online, but he never expected it would be something he would regret.

    “I’ve heard that they do explode, I didn’t think it would happen to me, and it did,” he said. “It sounded almost like a firecracker igniting, a loud whistle almost to it.”

    Pictures show the damage caused by the explosion at Ryan’s home in Franklin.

    “I put down my vape, I heard a loud crackle, and I looked behind me and my vape exploded,” he said. “It was very frightening, I would never think something like that would actually happen.”

    Ryan grabbed a fire extinguisher and was able to prevent the flames from spreading.

    “It put me into shock I was startled, I didn’t know what to do at that point,” he said.

    This is the second close call with an e cigarette explosion in our area. In December, 2015, one was caught on camera inside a fortune teller’s shop in Quincy.

    The vape owners weren’t harmed in either situation, but Ryan said he wants this to be a wakeup call to e cigarette users – and the danger isn’t worth the risk

    “This could happen to them, in their hands while they’re hitting the vape, or in their pocket where they could get seriously injured, I think everyone should know,” he said.

    Later this month, the FDA plans to host a public workshop on the dangers of vaping. New regulations are also being planned.

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