Falmouth artist turns beach paintings into book to celebrate return to normalcy

FALMOUTH, Mass. — Mimi Schlichter transformed the front seat of her car into a painting studio.

“I decided to do one painting every day from front seat of my car in a beach parking lot because I could,” she said.

That’s because during the height of COVID-19, Schlichter couldn’t.

On April 1, 2020 the town of Falmouth closed its beach parking lots as a proactive measure to reduce the spread of COVID. They remained closed until May 24. A total of 54 days.

Fast forward to a year later.

On April 1, 2021 Schlichter began a series of 54 paintings of all 10 Falmouth beaches.

Her goal was complete the paintings in 54 days. One painting for each day the parking lots were closed.

She turned the paintings into a book called ‘The 54. 54 Falmouth Beach Paintings in 54 Days.’

“Part of what was fun was exploring the different beaches. We all have our favorite and the one we go to, so this made me get out and experience some of the other ones. Each one has its own personality,” Schlichter said.

Each painting took about an hour.

Schlichter painted some with her fingers.

Most, though, she used a technique called Alla Prima.

“The process means in one start. They were all completed right there on location in the car. When I left the parking lot they didn’t get retouched. They were quick paintings,” she said.

Quick paintings that leave a lasting impression.

The book is $19.99 and has a page of QR codes of several videos of Schlichter painting.

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