• Estimated $90,000 in parking meter revenue unaccounted for in Revere


    Two Revere Department of Parking employees were placed on unpaid leave after an estimated $90,000 in parking meter revenue was unaccounted for, according to the Revere City Hall.

    Robert A. Marra Jr., the chief of staff to Revere Mayor Brian M. Arrigo, said a "comprehensive, independent audit" of the department was conducted, and the department could not account for the $90,000.

    Arrigo released the results at the last Revere city council meeting, which showed there's a 10-month period where no money at all was going in from the meters.

    The money spans over the course of three years, from 2015 to 2018.

    "Money is missing," Revere City Councilor Dan Rizzo said. "Obviously, we want to know where the money is and if, in fact, it was ever collected."

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    When employees were asked about the missing money, they said the "meters were broken,' and "people are not putting coins in them."

    The certified public accountants hired by the city for the audit found out that, out of 274 meters, only 145 meters were in operation.

    However, it didn't explain why no money was coming in.

    Two employees were placed on unpaid administrative leave after the audit, and Revere Police are investigating the situation.

    "It's a little discouraging that outside auditors had to come in and find this out," Rizzo said. "We have monthly revenue reports that ought to be looked at, and obviously if 18 out of 24 months there's no parking meter receipts going into an account, it doesn't appear anyone was looking at the accounts."

    The city's Ways and Means Committee will meet on Thursday to talk about the issue, and they will bring it up again at the next full city council meeting.

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