Duck boat safety bill gets new push after recent crash

BOSTON — A state senator says the changes he’s proposing would make duck boats safer, and after another incident, he says they are needed now more than ever.

The most recent crash happened at the corner of Newbury and Clarendon Streets.

Police say a woman was crossing against the light and walked into the duck boat.

But Sen. Will Brownsberger said it simply shows how the changes he's proposing are needed now more than ever.

The woman is OK, but was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

In April, Allison Warmuth was killed when she was riding her scooter with a passenger when they were hit by a duck boat and ran over. Warmuth was killed and her passenger was taken to the hospital.

One of the major complaints is that the driver of the vehicle is also the tour guide.

“Look, this is common sense stuff. You cannot drive a huge vehicle and engage in entertainment,” Brownsberger said.

Brownsberger is pushing for proximity sensors, cameras, and having two crew members on each duck boat.

“We won't let people operate a bus and talk on the cell phone but we're going to let them operate a duck boat and give a tour and entertain and gesture and point out things and respond to questions. Doesn't make sense,” he said.

A PR company hired by Boston Duck Tours said the company has made changes. They’ve added one camera to each vehicle and are installing sensors.

So far, the company has been resistant to adding a second person on board who would give a tour while a driver focuses on the road.

"We await the conclusion of the City of Boston’s investigation and are committed to working with them to implement any additional safety procedures deemed beneficial,” a statement to FOX25 said.