• Driver crashes Bentley while drag racing in Back Bay

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    BOSTON - Police continue to look for two drivers involved in a drag racing crash that injured a person walking on a sidewalk in Boston’s Back Bay.

    Back Bay residents say they often hear and see dangerous driving happening overnight.

    "I think that people just assume they can drive as fast as they want, especially at certain hours of the day," said Back Bay resident Amy Beeman.

    But last weekend, police say it happened in the middle of the afternoon. A silver Bentley crashed on the sidewalk along Beacon Street Saturday. The driver of the car struck a pedestrian who was on the sidewalk. Investigators say the driver was racing the driver of a BMW, and may have hopped into that car and took off after the crash.

    The latest incident has residents fed up.

    “Stay out of the city streets,” resident Dave Rosenberg told FOX25.

    According to the police report, witnesses told officers they saw a silver Bentley and silver BMW on Route 1 in Everett racing towards Boston.

    Another witness said he saw the drivers yelling at each other near Storrow Drive and Arlington Street. The Bentley then crashed at the intersection of Beacon and Exeter Streets.

    On Monday, FOX25 met with a number of safety advocacy groups that say the latest accident highlights the need to slow traffic down. One group says it could be as simple as reconfiguring the traffic lights.

    "Right now a number of lights are timed, so I believe if you're going 25 mph you would hit every single green. Which also means if you go 50 mph you hit every single green," said Brendan Kearney with Walk Boston.

    The groups also suggested crossing signs at intersections as a low-cost action that could remind drivers that pedestrians are in the area.

    The neighborhood association of the Back Bay says speeding traffic is a constant concern for people who live in the area, and the city is aware.

    "Certainly, we're not encouraging that in the city of Boston, and we're looking for ways to deter any type of speeding. This particular case is a little more than that,” Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told FOX25.

    The pedestrian injured in the crash is out of the hospital and recovering at home. 

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