• Dover, NH school investigating after racist video surfaces from classroom

    By: Robert Goulston


    DOVER, N.H. - School officials are investigating after a disturbing video surfaced showing high school students singing racial threats to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

    Cellphone video surfaced of the two students singing the song in class at Dover High School. 

    "As a parent, I'm concerned. I'm very concerned," said one mother who told Boston 25 News that she drove over to the high school to pull her daughter out because she was upset.

    "This is wrong. You are talking about killing black people. That's hate," said the mother, who asked not to be identified.

    Dover Schools Superintendent William Harbron said in a letter to the school community Monday the incident was part of an assignment dealing with the Reconstruction period in American history. 

    Harbron said the 11th graders had to select a history event and create a jingle for it. In the video, a student is seen reading off a paper.  

    "I don't know if a teacher was in the classroom, but if it got this far, somebody had to say something," said the mother who spoke with Boston 25 News. 

    Harbron said school officials "are currently working with students and education to investigate and address an incident of extreme racial insensitivity."

    "We are deeply concerned this could occur and understand the emotion and concern that this will create for students, families and staff," Harbron said.

    He said they're also working on a plan to come together to talk about what happened and learn the long-term impact of racial insensitivity.

    "I would like to think they would know better," said parent Sue O'Brien.

    O'Brien had not heard about the video but planned to talk to her 10th grader.

    "We've talked about subjects like this. You'd like to hope that other parents are doing the same," she said. 

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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