Diehard Patriots fan sports her super realistic Bill Belichick tattoo

TAUNTON, Mass. — There are "no days off" inside Real Art Studios in the heart of downtown Taunton.

It was inside that studio that tattoo artist Ryan Jones spent six and a half hours working on an ultra-realistic portrait of Bill Belichick on Nicole Gavin's left shin.

"[He's] obviously a huge New England icon so I was pumped at the opportunity," said Jones.

Gavin, an obvious diehard Patriots fan, brings new meaning to the term "In Bill We Trust."

"I love the Patriots, I started going to games when I was seven," said Gavin.

The 32-year-old Bridgewater mother of two chose to immortalize a portrait of Belichick on her leg next to the portrait of another genius - Albert Einstein.

"They're both kinda similar on how their personalities were," said Gavin. "They didn't care for fluff, they didn't care for you know, everything is a matter of fact."

The tattoo was done in a single day, a feat not many artists are able to accomplish, at least not with that amount of detail and precise line work.

"She's interested in these people with mastermind mentalities like Belichick does, so we captured the look on Belichick's face where he's zoned in, doing his job," said Jones.

For Jones, tattooing Belichick might just be the beginning. Another super Patriots fan has already reached out to him for a masterpiece tattoo of Tom Brady.

"I'm pumped to tackle this one, we're looking for the fierce helmet on type situation where Brady is zoned in, so I'm pumped to do that too," said Jones.

Gavin says she couldn't be happier with her new ink. The only thing she says could make it better is if Belichick signs it and have Ryan tattoo his signature onto his existing masterpiece.

"It really is perfect, I really don't have one [piece of] criticism about it," said Gavin.

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