• Deer caught on camera wreaking havoc inside Norwood car dealership


    A deer was caught on camera as it went on a crash course inside a car dealership in Norwood.

    Video shows the deer prancing around inside the dealership, causing thousands of dollars in damages as workers watched in shock.

    "Out of my peripheral vision, I see what I think to be a deer," Cody Barba of the Central Jeep Chrysler Dodge RAM Fiat of Norwood said. 

    Barba said a noise followed, leaving many workers at the dealership the night before Thanksgiving wondering how it could've happened.

    "I was like, 'That's a deer,'" Dwayne Girard said. "My friend thought it was a moose because it was so huge."

    Not knowing what exactly to do, the workers tried to help get it out as they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

    "I ran down one aisle," Girard said. "Chased it down there, came up another aisle. I went and told Peter and everyone, 'Rudolph was here shopping,' but no one believed me."

    In the process, the deer went on a shopping spree that cost thousands of dollars. 

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    "It got its antlers caught in everything," Nick Baraiolo said. "It destroyed thousands of dollars in dealership equipment."

    For 20 minutes, the deer had everyone on edge, wondering when the chaos would end. 

    "Eventually I chased it and it went right out through the door," Girard said. "We got it out safely, and then it was still okay when it left."

    The incident left a lasting impression, creating a memory the workers won't ever forget.

    "We're on high alert for deer," Barba said.

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