Cycle for Survival: Family hit hard by cancer raising money for research

BOSTON — A Boston woman will "Cycle For Survival" Saturday to raise money to fund research for rare cancers, and by her side will be her sister, fighting a rare diagnosis of her own.

She's known as Iron Kate. Thirty-six-year-old Kate Bradley had just finished her second Iron Man and was on top of the world, except...

"I knew something was wrong with my leg. I had pains in my back and my butt, but I love running and biking so much," said Bradley.

Tests revealed a rare muscle tumor wrapped around her hip.

"Going to my doctor and them saying you're gonna have a cane and a limp your whole life was devastating," said Bradley.

For the last year, Kate has undergone chemotherapy to slow the aggressive tumor that has stolen her joy of competition, but not her iron will. A fourth-grade teacher, she's battling cancer every inch for her students.

"Knowing that they are looking up to me, that doing hard things, it's worth getting up and fighting the fight," said Kate.

Her sister Rachael says their close-knit family has one motto - no one fights alone.

They've already faced this before.

"She's tackled this like she's tackled everything else in her life, which is that it's a challenge she's gonna find a way to do it and overcome it," said Rachael. "Six years ago my dad was already diagnosed with a brain tumor and after nine months of fighting lost the fight.

Three years prior to that, Kate and Rachael's brother was also diagnosed with a glioblastoma, though he survived. So when they get on their bikes this weekend to ride for cancer research, it's for their family and for their future.

"That's why this ride is so important to fund research because I need the hope that I can run and bike or do an Iron Man again," said Kate.

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