Crisis Response Team offering support in Winthrop

WINTHROP, Mass. — Three days after the murder of two of its residents, emotions in Winthrop are still coming to the surface. Lt. Sarko Gergerian of the Winthrop Police Department was part of a crisis intervention team going door-to-door.

“I don’t want anybody to feel like they are alone, not in Winthrop,” Lt. Gergerian said.

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The act is to help residents with what they might have seen and who they have lost.

“As you can imagine, a person has lived here 20 years having breakfast with people, intermingling with people every day, so there is direct connection to this trauma load. We’re here, call me,” Lt. Gergerian said.

Prosecutors said retired state trooper David Green and Air Force veteran Ramona Cooper were murdered by 28-year-old Nathan Allen.

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“You can’t be human and not feel. That poor woman, she just moved here,” said a Winthrop resident dropping off flowers at a makeshift memorial in town.

It’s that human connection and a helping hand the team is offering.

“To create a heart connection with somebody based on trust. Hello, who I am, what I do...please consider trusting me,” Lt. Gergerian said.