Controversial dog breeder's kennel now under state quarantine

HANSON, Mass. ( -- Remember the controversial dog breeder we once told you about on the FOX25 News? Well as of Tuesday, FOX25 learned that breeder's kennel has been under state quarantine since May 28.

FOX25 uncovered complaints the breeder was charging top dollar for sick puppies, and on Tuesday Investigative Reporter Kerry Kavanaugh found the results of a state inspection that led to the quarantine.

The state inspection report cited sick dogs and one death due to the virus, parvo. On Tuesday, Kavanaugh spoke with the man who runs Griffin Shepherd Kennels. He says a veterinarian has seen his dogs and he looks forward to a re-inspection.

When FOX25 went to the Hanson kennel in April, Augusto DeOliveira defended the health of the dogs he's bred and sold.

"I can't control every single puppy for the rest of their life and make sure that they are healthy. I know that they are healthy when they leave here," DeOliveira said.

FOX25 pulled a state inspection reported dated May 28 that tells a different story.

A health inspector documented a parvovirus outbreak and prompted a state quarantine of Griffin Shepherd Kennels. Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease transmitted through infected dog feces. Infections can be life threatening. Dogs that aren't vaccinated are the most susceptible. According to the ASPCA, symptoms of the parvovirus are lethargy, a lot of vomiting, loss of appetite and bloody, foul-smelling diarrhea.

DeOliveira told FOX25 he didn't believe in vaccinations and only vaccinated his dogs against rabies, required by Massachusetts law. But the state health inspector said he only showed proof of rabies vaccinations for four dogs and there were 12 dogs on the property the day he was there.

FOX25 began investigating when viewers told us they were sold sick puppies.

"This is for his urinary tract infection," dog owner Ally Peckham said, pointing to her dog's medicine. "Without insurance we would be at 8,000 dollars in vet bills."

We uncovered nine complaints about Griffin Shepherd Kennels filed with the Massachusetts attorney general.

We also found numerous complaints filed with local authorities in Barnstable. DeOliveira never had a business license there, but operated his kennel and breeding business out of this home.

As for his stance on vaccinations, Deoliveira told Kavanaugh he has changed his "beliefs." He says he worried about the side effects, but thinks he went too far. DeOliveira says he is now vaccinating against parvo, distemper and rabies. A Hanson veterinarian confirmed he has visited the Hanson kennel and administered vaccinations to 13 dogs, including nine dogs which needed vaccinations for rabies.

The state Department of Agriculture says the kennel will have to show the dogs are healthy and vaccinated before the lift the quarantine.

The inspector noted on his report he would return on or after June 11.

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