Community helps prom dream come true for local teen with autism

WILMINGTON, Mass. — It's a dream come true for an 18-year-old Wilmington girl who will be able to attend senior prom on Friday.

Kayla Blizzard says she's always envisioned how prom night would go.

"You have that image in your mind of a dress, dancing, just going," said Blizzard.

But it's a dream she didn't think would come true. Kayla has autism and attends a school for students with autism. Her school doesn't have a prom, but she refused to miss out so she reached out to Wilmington High School, hoping to attend.

After getting an initial 'no' she persisted and finally got the answer she wanted.

"I needed to sit down for a moment like I couldn't exactly process it right away, I was over the moon, you know!" said Blizzard.

But with just 24 hours before the big day and nothing to wear, Kayla's mom Lori took to Facebook to ask for help.

"She called me in tears this morning like, 'Mom, can I go to the prom!' and I'm like, 'OK! We need to get a dress,'" Lori said.

Within seconds, dozens of local businesses offered up their services.

"I offered a corsage, I said absolutely!"

The owner of Floral Dreams in Wilmington didn't hesitate to donate this stunning accessory custom made. And Russo's Limo Rental in Stoneham is making sure the teen arrives in style.

"I said, 'Yeah, OK' and that was it!"

Plus, hundreds of residents offering up dresses, shoes, makeup services, and more.

"I do not have the words in my vocabulary to describe how happy and grateful I am," said Blizzard.

A night that almost didn't happen will be a night Kayla will never forget.

"It really is like being a princess."

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