RCN denies report that adult content aired on CNN in Boston Thursday night

NOTE: A tweet posted below contains content some readers may find offensive. 

BOSTON - Local cable company RCN denies the possibility that hardcore pornography played instead of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Thursday night after one woman's tweet went viral.

The national news network was switched to 30 minutes of adult content instead of the popular travel show, according to one Twitter user.

“I can't wait until [RCN] wakes up [tomorrow] & realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on [CNN] instead of [Parts Unknown] tonight,” user @Solikearose reportedly tweeted Thursday night.

The viewer provided several photos to FOX25 of her television showing what appear to be the adult content with the label of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown on the screen.

According to the woman, who did not want to be identified due to online harassment after her tweets, said RCN has offered to replace her cable box, suggesting it may have been an issue only with her unit.

RCN said that it has no evidence that porn played and that the tweet is the only report of this occurring.

"Our review of network operations and our call center phone logs during the last evening show no indications that this event occurred on the CNN feed. Only a technical review of the individual’s equipment involved could possibly ascertain how this might have occurred. We’ve confirmed that this one customer’s account is in proper working order," RCN VP and General Manager Jeff Carlson told FOX25 in a statement.

FOX25 also reached out to CNN but has not yet received a response.

Reddit user posted in the site's Boston message board Friday afternoon claiming to be the woman who first saw and reported the adult content.

Hi! I'm the person who tweeted about this. Posting from a throwaway. So far it looks like I am the only person who saw the half hour of porn. RCN has said everything was working perfectly on their end and that they have had no other reports of the "programming issue." They cannot tell whether or not multiple households saw the porn. CNN is still blacked out on both of my TVs.

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