CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fall River store clerk pepper sprayed during robbery

FALL RIVER, Mass. — A convenience store clerk was pepper sprayed by a man he thought was just buying a pack of gum, and the violent holdup was caught on camera.

The surveillance video is playing a key role in the investigation, and now authorities are asking the public for help.

The convenience store clerk was left on edge after a young man pepper sprayed him before stealing cigarettes.

The video shows the robber standing at the front counter for more than three minutes while the victim was reeling from the attack.

It occurred at the Stop-N-Save in Fall River Wednesday night.

The clerk said the man walked in, brought a pack of gum to the counter, handed over money and then took out the pepper spray.

A second person was seen keeping watch outside the store.

The men didn’t get away with any money, police said.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police.

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