• Truck buried under snow in parking lot contained body, police say


    QUINCY, Mass. - A woman's body has been found inside a truck buried under snow at the Quincy Star Market, police say. 

    A Quincy Police officer working on an unrelated matter saw a woman's body in a pickup truck parked right in front of the Star Market grocery store on Granite Street.

    "It's right there in a handicap spot," Quincy resident Michael Berfield said. "You would think someone would walk by it and notice it."

    Quincy Police say the woman was reported missing on March 5, the day after Monday's storm, and the truck is registered to a man with an address in Quincy's Hough's Neck.

    The family of the woman cleared off the truck Friday evening and took it from the Star Market parking lot. They said the woman had been missing since March 2, and said the truck belongs to the woman's husband.

    The truck was covered in snow and police believe the woman's body could have been there since the snow storm this week. 

    Police tell Boston 25 News the woman was 56 years old and appears to have died of an overdose. Foul play is not expected. 

    Investigators are still working to learn what happened. 

    Star Market officials tell us they are cooperating with authorities:

    "We are cooperating with the local and state authorities on this situation.  If you have any questions, we ask that you reach out to the local or state police departments for further information."

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