• Cambridge locals rally against hate


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -
    Rallies are happening all over the country in light of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cambridge was the site of a massive rally held Monday.

    Hundreds of activists joined city leaders in a showing of unity against hate groups. Cambridge leaders feel this city’s values are about love and peace and now is the best time to show it.

    City hall was the site of plenty of noise, all of it in support of inclusiveness.

    “The best thing to see is how many people are here and see the diversity of the crowd represented here,” said Seyi Akintorin.

    Varying colors, ages and backgrounds all gathered here for one reason, to speak out against hate groups like the ones who gathered in Charlottesville.

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    Brian Corr was among the organizers.

    "Overall, the point is that we have to stand together, we can't let the force of divisiveness and fear to drive us apart,” said Corr.

    And stand together, they did. Taking up virtually every blade of grass in the city hall lawn and even stretching into Mass Ave.

    Some were there for inspiration, others still fuming over the bloodshed in Virginia, all looking for the same thing, a way to celebrate differences and not be divided.

    “We’re all here for the same reason to succeed and not promote prejudice it still exists unfortunately,” said Philip Carroll.

    Cambridge’s mayor says she’ll be meeting with other city leaders in the coming days ahead of possible demonstrations elsewhere in case hate groups make their way here.

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