• Burned body discovered in wooded area in Lynn


    LYNN, Mass. - Lynn Police are investigating after a burned body was discovered in a wooded area.

    Police said a person was walking through a wooded area with a dog by Frey Park Thursday afternoon when they discovered a burned body. 

    A large police presence was established in the area of Walnut Street as detectives spent more than five hours scouring the area in what they're classifying as a suspicious death investigation.

    "We see kids go up the park, they party at the park, they drink, all that," Marie Barone said. "We're worried about coyotes, but never a body."

    Police say the remains appear to be those of a young man, as the circumstances surrounding his final moments remain a troubling mystery.

    “It’s horrible for the family," Chris Luciani said. "Whoever's son, whoever's missing, whatever. Doesn’t matter how it happened, you should never have stuff like that happen."

    The Essex County DA is now in charge of the investigation, as neighbors continue to worry about what happened.

    "Who would do that? Burned body in a park?" Stefania Leguisamon said. "Did that happen here? That's my question. What happened?"

    Police are not saying on the record if they believe the body was burned at the location or elsewhere, and investigators are scanning through missing persons reports in the area as they work towards making an identification.

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