Boston firefighter learns he is cancer-free

BOSTON — There's been a major development in one Boston firefighter's fight with cancer.

In a recent Boston 25 News special, anchor Blair Miller highlighted the "hidden killer" that firefighters face. In the Boston's Bravest special, we met Boston firefighter Glenn Preston and learned about his battle against blood cancer - likely associated with his years of being a firefighter.

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Preston's determination to beat it has been real.

"All I wanna do is live, beat this, be able to walk my daughters down the aisle. Not be in a box. I want to get back to work, be a fireman again," said Preston.

Now, a new body scan has revealed how Glenn's body responded to the chemo and radiation.

Doctors told him he's cancer-free.

While it feels amazing, he's not quite out of the woods with more surgeries likely and future scans to be done. But Glenn feels like he's finally headed in the right direction, two years after first being diagnosed.

"I thank you all. I'm very grateful," said Preston.

He recently told Blair Miller his list of 'thank yous' which is almost endless.

"You hear a lot about, a lot of the stuff the family is going through and the kids are going through, but the silver lining that isn't really seen is exactly how much people have done," said Preston.

Dr. Eric Jacobson is the Clinical Director of Lymphoma at Dana Farber, and Glenn's doctor.

"I have to say, we have put him through some incredibly aggressive treatments that have certainly impacted his quality of life, but despite that, he has persevered," said Jacobson.

Preston said the best part of this was coming home to tell his children.

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Glenn's story has generated a lot of interest. Last week, Blair Miller traveled to New York to speak with Dr. Oz about firefighters and their high risk of cancer. That story - along with Glenn's - will be featured in July.

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