Artist reveals key ingredients to building winning sand sculpture at Revere Beach

REVERE, Mass. — Local illustrator, muralist, and DJ Deb Cutulle is one of 15 sculptors from around the world competing for a cash prize in the 15th annual Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival.

Cutulle, who grew up on the North Shore and went to the Art Institute of Boston, is happy to be home doing what she loves.

She hints that this year’s creation will incorporate her love of music.

Each sculptor is given an 18 foot by 18-foot area to work in. They have 27 hours and under four days to get their sculpture complete, using between 12 to 15 tons of sand.

The sand is not from Revere Beach. It’s actually shipped in from a river quarry in Hudson, NH. Cutulle says that’s because it holds together better than beach sand.

“If I pick that up and make a snowball out of it, you wouldn't be able to. So it holds moisture which is really good,” said Cutulle

She says the right amount of sand and water is the key to building the best sand sculpture.

While the final sculpture will be judged on quality, creativity, difficulty and a wow factor, master sculptors want you to realize it’s about the process.

“Come down in the beginning of the festival… watch us… people forget what goes into doing this… lifting the forms, getting in there… you know the water and sand process… stomping… all of that. It’s amazing to see that and people come to see the end result.”

The International Sand Sculpting Festival runs Friday through Sunday at Revere Beach. Different activities are scheduled for each day, from live music to food trucks and fireworks.

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