Amazon's Alexa heading into ambulances

WEYMOUTH, Mass. -- Amazon's Alexa has taken over households already when Echo device users are looking for music, weather and everything in between. Now, the voice assistant will be making its way inside of ambulances.

On Wednesday, the Brewster Ambulance Service said it will be utilizing Alexa inside of WiFi-equipped ambulances to help first responders during emergencies.

"With 200-300 hundred pages of protocols and parameters, it's always good to have some sort of information in your back pocket," Clinical Director Chris DiBona said.

The ambulance company, which serves communities primarily along the South Shore, is hoping to have Alexa in their ambulances in July once software professionals work out the bugs with the system.

Brewster has 250 vehicles in 26 Massachusetts and Rhode Island communities.

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The device will be programed to help paramedics and EMT's get information on Massachusetts' Emergency Medical Services statewide treatment protocols when both of their hands are being used to help patients.

"This lets them listen to that information in the background, continue to work and not look pre-occupied on a device," DiBona said. "It's something that can jog your memory while you're under pressure, under stress, with a critical patient, it's going to be helpful information."

According to the company, the devices will only be for medical advice regarding treatment and no patient information will be used.