25 Investigates: Employee linked to missing packages at area UPS stores seeks to have charge reduced

STOUGHTON, Mass. — A former UPS Store manager charged with stealing from a customer went before a judge in Stoughton District Court. 25 Investigates first reported Seth Sibert’s alleged connection to missing packages at UPS stores in Canton and Walpole.

Silbert, the 25-year-old son of the owner of those stores, is accused of stealing a PlayStation and is charged with larceny over $1,200 by single scheme.

As investigative reporter Ted Daniel, who was at Wednesday’s court hearing, reports, Silbert’s attorney is seeking to have the charge reduced. Attorney Nicholas Gordon stood next to Silbert and told the judge that the felony charge doesn’t fit the alleged crime and should be reduced to a misdemeanor.

“He had absolutely nothing to do with anything illicit or criminal in that case, or in any other case throughout his entire life,” Gordon said outside the courthouse.

Silbert is accused of stealing a PlayStation from Vlad Dutka, a college student at UMass Boston. Dutka took his package to the Canton UPS store to have it shipped to an Arizona man who bought it from him on eBay.

“I was really panicking because this money was used to pay off college. I need to get books,” Dutka told Daniel earlier this month.


As 25 Investigates reported, Silbert has been linked to the disappearance of other missing valuables dating back to 2017 at the UPS store in Canton and the UPS store in Walpole. Police reports obtained through a public records request from Canton and Walpole Police indicate he’s been named in connection with the disappearance of pricey items like gold jewelry, 18 iPhones packaged in one box and expensive sneakers.

Court documents show Silbert was charged in 2018 with the theft of the 18 iPhone, but that charge didn’t stick.

“Seth Silbert is as honest as the day is long. He has never been involved in any criminal activity whatsoever in his entire life,” Gordon said. “He had absolutely nothing to do with anything illicit or criminal in that case, or in any other case throughout his entire life. He has not committed any crime.”

Gordon confirmed that Silbert no longer works at any of his dad’s stores. He added that packages go missing all the time at places like UPS stores, and he called Silbert a victim of circumstance.

A judge will decide what to do with the felony charge before Silbert returns to court in December.