2 suspects on the run after home invasion in Shrewsbury

SHREWSBURY, Mass. – Two Shrewsbury residents were injured Monday when robbers entered their home and assaulted them.

The alleged home invasion happened around noon on Lamplighter driver. Steve Levine was home with his girlfriend at the time.

“Somebody asked for me by name, and my girlfriend opened the door, and she was pushed down, attacked,” he said.

Levine had a bloody lip and bruise on his forehead. He says he girlfriend was also threatened with a knife.

“One of them came after me with knives, and so I grabbed a broomstick and didn’t get too far with that, broke it over his head, I think, but didn’t do any good. Somebody’s got a knife to your throat, they can pretty much take whatever they want,” he said.

Levine says both were pinned down and threatened, but quickly the scuffle was over. He said the robbers never made any demands for money or other items, and they ran away after grabbing his wallet off the counter.

“I would have to say that they were there for a quick grab and run. If they were looking for more than that, they certainly had every ability to hold us down and go through the whole house,” he told Boston 25 News.

Police would not comment on whether they believe Levine was targeted or the robbery was random. He told Boston 25 News he didn’t recognized the suspect and has no idea why they chose his house.

State and local police searched the area for an hour but weren’t able to locate the suspects.