2 dogs attacked by other dog, killed at Grafton kennel

GRAFTON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- An Upton couple went on an amazing vacation, but returned to the news that their dogs had died.

The pair boarded their two small dogs at a Grafton kennel while they were away and came home to learn their dogs had died after being attacked by another dog. The owner of Gibson's Natural Pet Resort says they've never lost a dog before and have been open for 13 years. But this weekend, they lost two that were killed by another, bigger dog, also being boarded by the company.

They are empty-nesters, except for their beloved dogs. Odin and Graham were left in the care of Gibson's Natural Pet Resort in Grafton, as Brenda Demers and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

By phone, Brenda told FOX25 they returned over the weekend, to devastating news.

"When we got there he said another dog got out and attacked your dogs, and they're both dead," she said.

The Upton couple is devastated.

"We had to pick up all of their things. There's no pitter-pattering, there's no snuggling," Demers said.

Now, she has questions, which FOX25's Elizabeth Hopkins took to the owner of the kennel who says he knows he failed the couple.

Owner Bob Gibson said, "They entrusted us to take care of their animals, and I feel like I failed them."

Gibson was overcome with emotion, as he described how a Siberian husky, banging against its kennel, was able to get access to the small-breed dogs.

"It broke the bracket on the kennel eventually, but it caused the doors on the other kennels to tilt, and the two little dogs were able to get out," he said.

That's when he says the husky attacked, and its an incident being looked out by the town. Chief Norman Crepeau said it's "being investigated by our animal control officer."

When asked if there was anything he could have done to prevent the attach, Gibson said, "I don't know."

"That's the sad part, and that's the angry part that somebody was so negligent, and that even if they say 'I'm sorry,' that's not good enough, because they're gone," he said.