• 2 Chatham beaches closed Thursday after shark attacks seal


    CHATHAM, Mass. - People enjoying the summer weather at two Chatham beaches had their days in the water cut short after a shark sighting Thursday.

    It was a picture-perfect afternoon at Lighthouse Beach until one of the seals in the water was attacked around 3:30 p.m.

    “It was around 200 yards away, maybe less, from me,” Caroline Gannon said.

    Lifeguards took to the water and hopped on jet skis so they could get people out of the water as quickly as possible.

    “He was just telling people ‘anybody in the water, you need to get out. The beach is closed for the rest of the day,’” Matthew Doucette said.

    Families vacationing on the beach said the Chatham Harbormaster told them it was a juvenile white shark.

    Shortly after everyone was out of the water a half-eaten seal washed up on shore.

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    “That’s actually pretty scary that a whole shark bit off half of that,” Doucette said.

    Nearby Andrew Harding’s Beach was also closed.

    “The lifeguard was walking back and forth and we asked what was going on and he said he saw a shark out there so nobody could go in the water at all,” Eric Hoffman said.


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