• 13-year-old comes face-to-face with burglar while home alone, chases him off

    By: Chris Flanagan


    PEABODY, Mass. - A Peabody 13-year-old was home alone when she came face-to-face with a burglar Wednesday morning.

    Anna was sleeping in her upstairs bedroom on Kenwood Road when a man broke in and robbed it before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

    "He came into my room, I heard his footsteps because he was going room-to-room he came to my room and I saw his face and I was like who is this? This isn't my dad like who is this?"

    The soon-to-be eighth grader says he stole a bunch of jewelry but he likely won't get much for it.

    "Most of them were fake, so enjoy," she said. 

    Peabody Police, including the K9 unit, canvassed the typically quiet neighborhood for hours looking for the suspect.

    "I saw cops going back and forth, up down street something going on but I had no idea what was going on," said neighbor Avelino Sousa. 

    Anna says she got a good look at the burglar and then chased him out of her house and down her driveway. 

    "At the moment I wasn't much scared I was just filled with so much anger now that I think about it's kinda terrifying how it happened because you only expect this type of stuff in the movies," said Anna. 

    Police have not yet made an arrest and are going through a neighbor's surveillance video. 

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