Ways to save on clothes this back to school season

Chloe from Kingston is entering the 9th grade this Fall, and like most teens, wants to look good.

She tells us, "A lot of my friends are wearing like sweaters and short-sleeve dresses."

So how can we as parents, give our kids the fashions they love, without going broke?

Jeff Lahens, retail and marketing instructor at the Boston Center for Adult Education, boils it down to shopping smart.

Jeff says before you even leave the house, "You need to think about a budget. Once you know how much you want to spend, then you can choose which stores to spend at."

Next Lahens says to go around your own home, and see what clothes your kids already have, "By you knowing what you have around your house you’re going to make better judgement of what you’re going to pick when you go to the stores."

And for those of you shopping second-hand stores, he says hold on. "You think you're getting a deal, but the same price at a second-hand store might cost the same at a retailer."

Another cost savings tip, for kids  still growing, buy clothes, jackets and shoes, a size up, "The jacket that serves you in the fall will also be the same jacket you can wear in the spring time."

And as always, go online. Sign up for e-mail offers from your kids favorite stores. Most offer free shipping and returns specifically for back-to-school shoppers.

And with all the money you saved shopping smart, allowing your kids that one special item is sure to start their year off with fashions best accessory, confidence.

Just ask Chloe', "Looking good for back to school makes me feel good."

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