Grafton family taking focus from holiday lights and Covid flags to helping tornado victims

GRAFTON, Mass. — A Grafton family that is known in the community for their Christmas lights and American flag display is now doing their part to give back to the families in the Midwest who are now in need.

We first introduced you to the Labbe family in July 2020 when their front yard was overflowing with 8000 American flags.

“We are hoping it doesn’t grow too much more but we might have to,” said Melissa Labbe back then.

However, unfortunately, it did. Since we last paid them a visit they’ve added about 12,000 more flags to keep pace with the COVID 19 deaths in the state.

“You may have a bad day at work,” said Michael Labbe. “What I tell everybody, I tell my kids and myself, go home and look at those flags. It puts it in perspective.”

Perspective is exactly what the family has. Recognizing their many blessings they find every opportunity possible to give back.

“I woke up Saturday morning turned on the news and as everybody else in America did was just like oh my God these poor people,” said Michael Labbe.

Their latest efforts are to get supplies to the Midwest where tornadoes left communities devastated and dozens dead across six states.

“We are working on lining up a tractor-trailer that we will get filled between Monday and Thursday of next week to ship down there,” said Michael Labbe. “We have a list of items they requested along with one we added for them all. The items are water, blankets, generators, non-perishable foods, First aid supplies, warm clothing (only), toilet paper, shampoos, deodorants, all hygiene supplies, We added Christmas gifts for all ages. They did not ask for the gifts we feel the need to add to that for I couldn’t imagine a child waking up on Christmas day with no gifts. “It’s bad enough they lost everything else and tragically some have lost loved ones.”

They hope presents will help put the surviving families in the holiday spirit despite the lives lost, which is the same thing they do for the hundreds of people that drive by their home each night.

“This is no time for politics,” said Michael Labbe. “This is no time for hatred, this is no time for racism. This is the time to be Americans and help people out.”

If you want to help there are many ways to do so. They are not taking cash donations but supplies and even volunteers especially if there’s anyone who works with a trucking company and wants to help out.

“I ask from the bottom of my heart to please help get the word out that this collection is happening starting Monday 12/13/21 morning 8 a.m. and we will have staff there until at least 6 p.m. each day until Thursday 6 p.m. 12/16/21,” said Michael Labbe. “At that point, our goal is to have a tractor-trailer loaded and full to the max and ready to hit the road to help those fellow Americans suffering from this disaster.”

The collection site will be at :

All Phase Glass & Maintenance

8 Collette St

South Grafton MA 01560

508-839-1991 Or they can email any questions to ALLPHASEGLASS202@AOL.COM